Ways On How To Make RC Cars Faster Without Buying A New One

You can’t go wrong with this article. It has everything you need to know about how to make RC cars faster, and it’s all in one place. We’ll start with the basics of what makes an RC car quickly, and then we’ll get into some more advanced techniques that will help you take your racing game to the next level.

RC Cars are one of the most popular toys for kids. They’re easy to assemble, safe, and limitless in their potential for creativity. There are many ways you can make your RC car faster, but one trumps all others, maximizing its weight distribution.

Whether you’re just starting or have been playing for years, there are plenty of tips here that will help you be a better racer – no matter where you are in life! So read on and learn how to make RC cars faster without spending any money at all!

The Basics Of What Makes An RC Car Fast

how to make rc cars faster

RC Cars are a great hobby for many people. From kids to adults, men, and women, RC cars offer something for everyone. They can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. The only limit is your imagination! But before we can even discuss how to build an RC car fast, we must clearly understand what makes one go fast in the first place.

So today, we’re going to cover some basic principles of RC Car performance, so you know exactly how your car works and what parts need upgrading. Let’s get started!

The power that makes your RC car go comes from the speed controller. This is essentially just a box with some wires coming out of it that takes in battery power and equally distributes it to all 4 of the electronic devices needed for your RC car to run. These include, but are not limited to, your receiver, servos (steering and throttle), and the motor.

Your batteries also power your RC car (obviously), and they need to be charged every time you use them. Different types of batteries will produce different amounts of power, affecting how fast your car goes or how far it can drive before needing a recharge.

The most crucial part that makes your car go fast is the motor. This is what propels your RC car forward, and if it isn’t powerful enough, it will result in a slower than average speed. The other important part of the setup that affects how fast your RC car goes is the gears. In general, more giant gears produce more torque and power to get going, while smaller gears will provide more top speed.

Smaller RC cars need smaller motors and gearing to go fast. Larger RC cars need larger motors and bigger batteries for power. What size you go with can depend on many factors such as budget, the type of terrain you’re going to drive on, or what other upgrades you’re planning to do.

Another factor on how to make RC cars faster is the weight. Generally, a lighter RC car will zip around and accelerate much faster than a heavier one. If you’re building an RC car, keeping it as lightweight as possible without compromising strength or durability should be your priority.

Finally, the last factor that can affect how fast your car goes would be the tires. The size and height of the tire have a significant impact on how much power you need to put in for it to get going. Higher profile tires provide more surface area, making them easier to push around by hand, while smaller wheels have less resistance to the ground.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know about how to make RC cars faster and how you can do it yourself. Before you go out building your next RC Car, be sure to have a firm grasp on these basics so your car won’t disappoint when it comes to taking curves or going up steep inclines!

How To Make RC Cars Faster: Step By Step Guide

how to make rc cars faster

If you are looking for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to make RC cars faster, then this part is just what you need. It will teach you how to get the most out of your vehicle and how to make RC cars faster than ever before. You’ll find all sorts of tips on how to customize your car so that it can reach its maximum potential.

Listed below are different ways anyone can use at home or while racing their RC cars, making them faster than your opponent’s car. These methods are not guaranteed, but they have been proven effective in many cases. So if you’re willing to put in some effort and give these methods a try, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

These methods will include everything from upgrading your car’s internal components to customizing its external appearance. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this guide is not what you’re looking for because we don’t have any miracle cures or tricks that will make your car faster overnight. If you’re ready to put in some time and effort into doing things right, then this guide is for you.

Let’s start with the first method that you can use to make your car faster. One of the easiest ways on how to make your R/C car faster is by customizing its tires. If you’re not into modifying your body shell, then your tire inserts are the next best thing you can customize. The process of customizing them isn’t very complicated. All it takes are some tools and a little bit of time.

Cutting Your Tires

how to make rc cars faster

First off, you will need to buy some new rubber tire inserts for your car. Before cutting the tires, you first need to figure out how big and wide they should be to fit your vehicle, and this all depends on the size of your car’s wheels.

For example, if you have a 1:10 scale car, the tire inserts should be about half an inch wide and three-sixteenths of an inch thick, while for a 1:8 scale, it should be four-sixteenths of an inch thick and two inches in length. After you have the tire inserts, you will need to mark them with a ruler and a pen to know where to cut them off.

If your tires have grooves on their sides, it is best to place them flat on a table or any hard surface when cutting them. You don’t want the grooves to turn out uneven because this will indeed affect how your RC car rides on its track. Make sure that you use a sharp knife or razor blade when cutting the inserts from the sides, and be careful not to cut yourself in the process.

Once your tires are all cut and fit perfectly for your wheels, it’s time for you to work on them with an emery board. First, put some petroleum jelly or any type of lubricant onto the surface where you will be filing down your tires to make the job easier. Then, rub the surface of the tires against one another until they are smooth enough to use.

Tire Adhesives

how to make rc cars faster

There are also different adhesives that you can use to make your tires last longer. You may want to try using the tire glue when you don’t feel like buying new rubber inserts every time they wear out. This is not recommended for high-performance R/C cars, but it’s perfect for beginners looking for cheap solutions on how to make their cars go faster.

To glue your tires, you need to clean both surfaces with a wet towel and then rub them against one another until they are stuck together permanently. Ensure that the surfaces of the tires have been cleaned properly before following this process so that there won’t be any smears on either side when you finish.

Over time, you may notice that your tires are beginning to wear away or become loose. When this happens, it’s best to replace them with new ones instead of gluing them together again. If you don’t want to buy inserts for your RC car, you can use other things instead.

One option is to use Nerf balls for smaller wheels, while larger ones can be filled with stuffing or styrofoam. Some other materials you can use are dried pavement chalk, airsoft BBs, fishing weights, and lead shot bags. They all come in different sizes, so make sure that you buy the right ones for your RC car’s tires.

Tape Your Tires

how to make rc cars faster

Another type of customization that is very popular among RC car enthusiasts these days is taping their tires. You can use electrical tape, duct tape, decorative tape, and even fiberglass tape for this one. If you want a more affordable option, then electrical or duct tapes are the ones to go with because they will cost you less than the rest.

If you are using electrical tape, then follow this process: First of all, wrap a few inches of it around your tires so that they will have a better grip on the surface where you are racing them. Next, cut off any excess bits of tape to keep it clean and nice looking. Make sure that the tire is tightly pressed against the electrical tape for it to stay in place.

If you are using duct tape, do this instead: For smaller tires, use an inch wide piece of tape (folded into four), while larger ones will require one and a half inches or more depending on your preference. You can apply it just like with electrical tape and even wrap it around the tire to make it look decorative.

Another option is using fiberglass tape or any kind of cloth for this one, and if you choose this way, you will have to sew the fabric onto your tires instead of just taping them. If you want, you can also use a liquid adhesive for this one but make sure that it’s super strong for it to be effective.

In case you are wondering, many people use taping as customization for their RC cars because it improves grip and traction. This means that your car will go faster as a result of having better handling capabilities, as well as smoother cornering.

Some Best Tips For How To Make RC Cars Faster

how to make rc cars faster

There are many ways on how to make RC cars faster. Here are some of the best tips for how you can do that.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Battery For Your Vehicle

One of the best ways on how to make RC cars faster is to make sure that you select the correct battery for your vehicle. You can find a lot of different batteries on aliexpress and, most of them will be just fine, but you must know which ones are the best to get the most out of them.

Always Check Your Tires For The Best Performance

One simple tip that people often overlook is checking your tires just before each race day to make sure they are running fast and at their top speed. If you see any defects in how your tires look, you may want to change them out before the race day.

Always Keep Your Vehicle Clean

It can be easy for people who love RC cars to forget simple things like keeping their vehicles clean. One of the best ways to make sure that your vehicle is always running as fast as possible is to simply keep it clean and make sure you remove any dirt or grime that might start to build up.

If You Have The Time, Take Your Vehicle To A Professional

One of the best ways on how to make RC cars faster is by bringing them to a professional. This can be an excellent way to ensure running as quickly as possible if you have the time.

Learn About The Different Types Of Batteries

One simple trick that people often forget is to learn about the different types of batteries available for their vehicles. If you can select the correct type of battery, this can help you how to make RC cars faster.  Some batteries may be better than others when it comes to your specific vehicle, so make sure you do your research.

Make Sure You Always Change Out The Battery When Needed

This is another simple tip that people often overlook when it comes to how to make RC cars faster. You need to understand that if your battery isn’t working as well as possible, it may be time to change it with a new one.

There are many different options for RC cars, but these are some of the best tips you can follow to make them faster. If you want to find out more about how to do this, you will find that many different resources are available online.

FAQs About How To Make RC Cars Faster

how to make rc cars faster

– How do you increase the power of an RC car?

  • Reduce the weight of the RC car.
  • Lengthen or strengthen the shocks for better handling.
  • Use a pull start instead of a push start to give you more power when you’re just starting, but it’s harder to do tricks with a pull-start car once you get fast enough because it doesn’t have enough torque to climb more giant hills or run over rough terrain without getting stuck.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated so they can grip whatever surface they are on and produce less rolling resistance, which saves battery power each time the tires turn over for each revolution during use including running on sand or mud where it takes much less power to move an RC car through those environments than pavement where rubber cleats provide greater grip.
  • Keep the power switch set to low for better acceleration when you turn it on, but keep in mind that vehicles using a pull start will have maximum torque at half-throttle and only achieve full power once they hit full throttle, which is bad news if you’re trying to do tricks because of how it affects torque more so than on a car with two speeds since it doesn’t have enough torque to climb larger hills or run over rough terrain without getting stuck.

– What are the different types of engines used in RC cars?

  • Electric, nitro gas and brushless electric are all common engine types found in RC cars.
  • Electric allows for the best acceleration and has the most torque, while nitro gas can go up to 50 miles per hour with a breakneck top speed on some models, and brushless electric is excellent for jumping and handling big hills.
  • Electric cars use rechargeable batteries and lipo battery packs (such as this ), which do not suffer from memory effects like old-style rechargeable batteries.
  • Nitro gas vehicles use two-stroke engines and spark plugs that need to be replaced every 2-6 gallons of fuel burned, while brushless electric cars can get up to 50 miles per hour with swift acceleration and hard pulls thanks to their constant power picks.
  • Electric cars simply plug into a wall outlet using a battery charger, which is excellent for electric batteries because they do not suffer from memory effects like old-style rechargeable batteries.

– What prevents RC cars from going faster?

  • Higher speed models use more powerful engines, but this also means that the transmission will have its work cut out for it.
  • Electric vehicles can go up to 50 miles per hour on some models thanks to their constant power picks but lack the torque of nitro vehicles, allowing them to climb more prominent hills and run over rougher terrain without getting stuck.
  • Nitro vehicles use two-stroke engines and spark plugs that need to be replaced every 2-6 gallons of fuel burned but make up for it by having more torque than their electric counterparts, making them better on hills and able to climb over rougher terrain.

– Is it easy to modify a radio-controlled car’s body?

It is easy to modify a radio-controlled car’s body because they have places for you to put on stickers or paint. Some prefer to use a waterproof decal and can be removed later if the car is sold. Decals are also available in many different colors. However, some people prefer to use paint because it lasts longer than decals and is easier to apply evenly.

Paint can be sprayed or brushed on. Spraying is a good option for those who are more experienced with painting. It is the more popular choice because of its ease and speed. Spraying can be done using an airbrush or spray cans, both of which are readily available at most art stores. Another method of painting is to use paintbrushes.

This method is one of the oldest ways to apply paint and is the easiest way for beginners to paint. It allows more control than spraying but can be more time-consuming.

– How do I take care of my RC car?

The best way to take care of your car is to clean it after every use. Remove dirt or mud from its wheels. Then wipe down the engine, cover, and exterior of your car with a cloth. Washing the body every few runs is also good to prevent rusting. It is essential not to let moisture get into your car’s electronics since this can damage them.


The best way on how to make RC cars faster is with a nitro engine. Nitro engines are the most powerful of all three types. Still, they carry some maintenance costs that electric vehicles don’t have because two-stroke engines need spark plugs replaced every 2-6 gallons of fuel burned and gas needs to be refilled about once an hour on average.

However, if you’re looking for power over convenience, then this may not matter much to you! With these tips in mind, it’s time for you to take stock of where your RC vehicle stands right now and decide what kind will work best for your driving style. Let us know how we can help – our team is standing by, ready, and waiting!

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