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A transceiver is a device that converts one type of data transmission into another type of data. As well as high frequency, people also refer to them as transmitters and receivers. They are used in many forms of technology, including GPS devices, computers, wireless equipment and more. Products include cheap HF transceivers, so make sure you look through the guide below for more info.

Introducing the Cheap HF Transceiver – a great way to get into HF communications without spending a fortune! This transceiver is perfect for new and experienced operators alike, with features like adjustable power output, band selection, and a built-in speaker. Most importantly, this is a great way to get into HF communications without spending a fortune!

Top 5 Picks Of Best Cheap Hf Transceiver

Bestseller No. 1
Xiegu X6100 HF Transceiver, 10W Full Mode SDR Radio Supports Bluetooth with 3.6" LCD Screen
  • Analog – SDR Radio: Software-defined radio (SDR) system uses software for the modulation and demodulation of radio signals. Processing via a computer or other digital devices with software, the X6100 can provide you more info in real-time, complete complex operations and process data faster.
  • 5W Upgrade to 10W High Power: From 5W to max 10W, the Xiegu X6100 is a more powerful RIG than the X5105. In general, a higher wattage allows for greater range. Working with the XPA125B power amplifier, the X6100 can meet your long-rang talking requirement.
  • 3.6" LCD Screen - 4in Color Screen: The Xiegu X6100 HF transceiver comes with a 4-inch large color screen with 800*400 high resolution, helping you see all the important information at a glance.
  • Wireless Operation: In addition to traditional connecting ports to connect with extended devices , the Xiegu X6100 also supports modern connection methods like mouse and keyboard control via Bluetooth.
  • Built-in High-stability TCXO Internal Clock Source
Bestseller No. 3
Yaesu FTDX-10 HF Transceiver
  • Hybrid SDR Configuration
  • 250MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) affords Quiet and Clear Reception
  • 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) on the 5-inch Full-Color TFT Display with Touch-Panel Functionality
  • Front Panel Designed for Superior Operating Efficiency
  • Remote Operation with optional LAN unit (SCU-LAN10)
Bestseller No. 4
8 Band Radio Transceiver LCD SDR Full Mode HF SSB QRP Transceiver Shortwave QRP SSB CW with BNC Antenna Connector Support USB LSB CW AM FM (no power)
  • RADIO TRANSCEIVER-- Shortwave QRP SSB CW radio transceiver, with clear LCD display, support connection to computer, use FT8, JS8, FT4 and other mode software to control digital.
  • REASONABLE DESIGN-- Headphone and power button and microphone jack are on the front panel for easy connection of headphone and power button, with larger touch area and more comfortable key experience.
  • WITH SPEAKER-- Upgraded built in speaker effect, stable sound and less interference, fast change of QRP CW frequency, and support CW side volume adjustment.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY-- The transceiver has an 8 band design, covering 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m frequency, which has high transmission efficiency.
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS-- This radio transceiver has multiple interfaces, with built in speaker with cavity and BNC antenna interface, and all LPF parts use 100v c0g/np0 capacitors.
Bestseller No. 5
Xiegu GY03 3.5mm Plug Rectangular External Speaker with Stereo Sound for CB/Mobile/Ham Radio, HF Transceivers, Compatible with Xiegu X6100 G1M
  • 3W power, 4Ω impedance, and the 3.5mm stereo interface design, which makes GY03 support left and right channels, provide outstanding sound quality and loud enough volume for outdoor use.
  • The 10-feet power cable is long enough to place this external speaker wherever you want.
  • GY03 is an out-of-the-box speaker, all you need to do is just mount it with the screws when needed.
  • Work great with most mobile radios, CB radios, and HF transceivers, like Xiegu X6100, G1M, Radioddity DB20-G, TYT TH-9800, etc.
Bestseller No. 6
JUNSHUNTONG HF VFO for Ham SDR QRP Transceiver,20K-220MHz RF Generator Superheterodyne Receiver Debugger,Tcxo Clock,S-Meter, 20 Band presets
  • 【HF VFO /RF Generator 】It has 10kHz to 220MHz working ranges. 0.5PPM high precise Tcxo clock, the frequency is more accurate. Tuning step of 1Hz, 10Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz and 1MHz.
  • 【VFO for Ham SDR HAM QRP Transceiver】 Used as a local oscillator on Homebrew radio receivers (such as superheterodyne, SDR, direct conversion and Homebrew QRP transceivers) , a simple RF/clock generator for calibration reference or clock generation,a common 128x64 I2C OLED SSD1306 display and Si5351 module.
  • 【Adjustable】Intermediate frequency (IF) offset (+ or -) is adjustable.The bar graph of the signal meter through the analogs input (ADC).I2C data transmission, only need 2 lines it can be connected to the display, with high stability and accuracy of frequency generation
  • 【20 Band Presets】Equipped with generator function mode.Initial frequency, end frequency, sweep-frequency-step can be set. 20 band presets (shortcuts) for BCB and HAM frequencies.RX/TX mode selector for Homebrew QRP transceivers.
  • 【 Guarantee】 We providing 100% satisfactory service to every customer to make sure our customer can purchase with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply and improve in time.
Bestseller No. 7
SDR Transceiver Radio Receiver HF QRP 8 Band SSB CW Shortwave Radio Receiver Transmitter Aluminium Alloy for DIY Radio Communication(US Plug)
  • Reliable Work: A pocket sized 8 band SSB CW QRP transceiver designed with built in lithium battery, built in microphone, PTT button and extremely low RX current consumption, it is a good partner for SOTA, POTA or any other portable activities.
  • Better Design: This QRP SSB CW shortwave transceiver has a large screen, built in battery, charger, built in microphone and speaker. It can be connected to an automatic button. It can also be decode CW coding.
  • IRF Launch Tube: With durable IRF series launch tube, can be used to connect antenna, which is on the instrument base.
  • Simple Structure: All aluminum buttons and translucent silicone buttons, the original transformer qcx circuit is greatly simplified, and the installation components are reduced by 50%. No complicated windings. There is no wiring procedure.
  • High Efficiency: High power efficiency and simple design, thanks to eer electronic level transmitters, also very convenient to carry.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Comet CF-706 Duplexer for Transceivers - HF-VHF/UHF
  • Great for HF/VHF/UHF Radios with Dual Antenna Outputs to 1 MultiBand Antenna.
  • For Icom IC-706, Yaesu FT-857D, FT-897D, Ft-100, IC-7000 ect
  • For Xmit: Coax Lead 1 accepts 1.3-57Mhz , Lead 2 accepts 75-550Mhz
  • Handles 350W P.E.P, Less than 0.4dB insertion loss.
  • So-239 Input, 2 PL-259 lead Outputs.
Bestseller No. 9
Yaesu FT-818ND FT-818 6W HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Mobile Transceiver
  • RX: 100 kHz - 33 MHz; 33 MHz - 56 MHz; 76 MHz - 108 MHz; 108 MHz - 154 MHz; 420 MHz - 470 MHz
  • TX: 1.8 MHz - 29.7 MHz (5.3320 MHz/ 5.3480 MHz/ 5.3585 MHz/ 5.3730 MHz/ 5.4050MHz); 50 MHz - 54 MHz; 144 MHz - 148 MHz; 430 MHz - 450 MHz (Amateur Bands only)
  • Increased power output 6W(SSB, CW, FM) 2.0W(AM Carrier)
  • Improved frequency stability ±0.5 ppm : Built-in TCXO-9
  • Larger battery capacity : 9.6V/1,900mAh (SBR-32)
SaleBestseller No. 10
FT-891 FT891 Yaesu Original FT-891 HF/50 MHz All Mode Analog Ultra Compact Mobile/Base Transceiver - 100 Watts - 3 Year Warranty
  • Stable 100 Watt Output!
  • Compatible With ATAS-120A Automatic Tune Antenna!
  • All Mode Operation - AM - FM- USB - LSB - CW

Cheap Hf Transceiver Reviews 2022

Icom IC-705 

This compact transceiver is perfect for users who have a limited space and need a small yet powerful radio. It can be used by amateurs on all bands from 1.9 to 4.9 GHz. The band range is perfect for home use and general hobbyists. I’ve always wanted to buy a portable transceiver, but I didn’t have a lot of room for something so small. I found this version of the Icom IC-705 in the store and it is everything I wanted in a small portable transceiver.

This portable transceiver offers a large-band coverage at 5W output and 10W output, with receive coverage from 0.030 to 5.400 MHz, and transmit coverage from 1.800 to 10.150 MHz. A high-performance linear tuner, high-gain longwire antennas.

This Icom transceiver is a great choice for anyone interested in ham radio. It is a fully self-contained receiver, with no requirement for an external power supply. The hf/vhf/uhf radio covers the low hf bands. This new Icom transceiver has a much brighter screen than their previous offerings and has a more responsive menu system.


  • Case is thick and sturdy
  • Manual is well written
  • Great resource

Cons: none

Yaesu Original FT-991A

Yaesu Original FT-991A HF/50/140/430 MHz All Mode"Field Gear" Transceiver - 100 Watts (50 Watts on 140/430MHz) - 3 Year Warranty
  • Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope *NEW!
  • Multi-Color Waterfall Display *NEW!
  • 160 Meters through 70 Centimeters - SSB/CW/FM/C4FM Digital/AM
  • 100 Watts (2 Meter / 70 Centimeter: 50 Watts) of Solid Output Power Performance
  • 3.5 inch TFT Full-Color Touch Panel Operation for Superior Operability and Visibility

A great choice for amateur radio enthusiasts, this transceiver features a 3.5 inch TFT color screen, is 100 watts on the 50 and 140 MHz bands, has SSB, CW, FM, PM, and a variety of digital modes available. Bring in 50 watts on the lower bands and 140 watts on the higher bands with ease. This FT-991 is far more than a pile of compact but solid radios. The screen is bright, the controls are simple, and the performance is thrilling.

Bring in 50 watts on the lower bands and 140 watts on the higher bands with ease. This FT-991 is far more than a pile of compact but solid radios. The screen is bright, the controls are simple, and the performance is thrilling. I am very impressed with this radio. I have wanted a low power transceiver for a long time and was having trouble finding a good deal. This package was perfect.


  • Touch-green and waterfall
  • Full size


  • Have color coded display

Bundle – 2 Items: Includes Yaesu 

This Yaesu transceiver is one of the best values around today. This has everything you need to operate up and down the bands, including one of the best CW Tuners around. It is compatible with all modes except LSB, which it is not capable of receiving. I bought this radio for my wife, who has finally found her first love: ham radio! She loves the instructions and hints; she loves the programmable keys. She wants to go up to 20 meters.

The FT-991A is loaded with features to give you control of your radio. It has an internal speaker for hands-free operation, and has a new “Dynamic Spectrum Display”. This radio is a great first radio and is ready to use right out of the box. It includes a handy instruction manual and quick reference card that includes information on how to set up the radio and make connections to various gear.

THE FT991A is a full featured transceiver, included in this bundle are the Ham Guides Quick Reference Card, Yaesu’s own theory of operation and schematic document, the Cheaper Than Denny’s 2nd annual Amateur Radio Hamfest Poster, and Hamfest 2009 schedule.


  • Full-featured
  • All mode an band transceiver
  • Waterproof


  • Operates on 2 meters and 70 cm with just hand 2 meter memories

Yaesu FT-818 Radio and Accessory Bundle

Hi quality FT-818 Amateur radio transceiver, fitted with a full complement of accessories. If you are looking for a fun, durable, and simple to use QRP transceiver, this is the one for you. This Yaesu FT-818 handheld transceiver can be used to communicate with other ham operators all over the world. It is compatible with the UHF and VHF bands. You can use the included microphone to communicate with a friend who is operating their radio nearby. Includes the FT-818 radio, an EP-29A microphone, the MFJ-1899T antenna tuner, Ham Guides eBook and power adapter.

I purchased this bundle because I wanted to upgrade to a more powerful HF radio. This radio is nearly identical to the Yaesu FT-888. You can easily upgrade the FT-818’s hardware to the new hardware by plugging it into an FT-888. The Yaesu FT-818 combines excellent audio quality and solid functionality into a compact package that makes it easy to take the radio with you into the field.


  • Produces power
  • Frequency coverage


  • Few compact

Yaesu FT-818ND FT-818 6W

Yaesu FT-818ND FT-818 6W HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Mobile Transceiver
  • RX: 100 kHz - 33 MHz; 33 MHz - 56 MHz; 76 MHz - 108 MHz; 108 MHz - 154 MHz; 420 MHz - 470 MHz
  • TX: 1.8 MHz - 29.7 MHz (5.3320 MHz/ 5.3480 MHz/ 5.3585 MHz/ 5.3730 MHz/ 5.4050MHz); 50 MHz - 54 MHz; 144 MHz - 148 MHz; 430 MHz - 450 MHz (Amateur Bands only)
  • Increased power output 6W(SSB, CW, FM) 2.0W(AM Carrier)
  • Improved frequency stability ±0.5 ppm : Built-in TCXO-9
  • Larger battery capacity : 9.6V/1,900mAh (SBR-32)

This Yaesu FT-818ND is a powerful and versatile radio that comes equipped with the latest in modulation and voice processing technology. Yaesu gave the FT-818 an upgrade with a completely new exterior design and a compact form factor to maximize space inside. Where the previous version was a round tube, this one is a square tube which is much more aerodynamic.

A fast and versatile radio with a 5-star sound quality. This radio is a bargain for the price. The built-in TCXO provides excellent frequency stability and is an important feature when operating on the radio frequencies. The radio also has a built-in GPS.

Yaesu FT-818ND 6W All Mode Mobile Transceiver Description: The FT-818ND is 6W All Mode Mobile Transceiver features include: RX: 100 kHz – 33 MHz; 33 MHz – 56 MHz; 76 MHz – 108 MHz; 108 MHz – 154 MHz;


  • Easy to use
  • Color touchscreen 
  • Large battery

Cons: N/A

Bundle – 2 Items – Includes Yaesu FT-891

Bundle - 2 Items - Includes Yaesu FT-891 HF/6M All Mode 100W Mobile Transceiver and Ham Guides TM Quick Reference Card
  • Yaesu FT-891 HF/6M Mobile Transceiver, All Mode, 100 Watts
  • HAM Guides Quick Reference Card Included

The FT-891 is a compact, highly-functional operating transceiver combining the automatic scanning of all bands, 32-pin SMA connector and built-in ANL header. This bundle is a great way to bring the FT-891 and Ham Guides TM to your Amateur Radio or Hiking activity! The Yaesu FT-891 HF/6M All Mode 100W Mobile Transceiver includes the Yaesu radio and Ham Guides TM.

This radio is easy to use and is able to provide strong and clear reception all over the spectrum. The programmable keys make it easy to adjust operating frequencies quickly and effectively, and the user-friendly menu system makes operating the radio easier than ever.

The Ham Guides TM quick reference guide is a brand new publication that guides you through all aspects of ham radio operation. The book has everything you need to know to start communicating with others during your next casual or serious contest.

Yaesu’s new FT-891 is a lightweight (4.18 lbs), ultra-compact HF transceiver for the amateur. Capable of operating on HF, 6M and 2M frequencies, this radio has the features and power you need to fulfill your communication needs. This ham radio is an excellent choice for experienced ham radio operators who are looking for a compact, durable, and powerful receiver that can be used for both HF and 6M modes.


  • Right radio for long range, and rural operation.
  • Highly developed, rugged, and feature rich communication transceivers.


  • Normal battery life

Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver Amateur Ham Radio

Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver Amateur Ham Radio VOX SSB CW AM FM RTTY PSK 0.5-30MHz 50-54MHz 5W with USB Cable CE-19 Expansion Card (2019 Upgraded Version)
  • ➤ 2019 Upgraded Firmware: ❶ Bugs fixed when using CW. ❷ Added VOX function that frees your hand to communicate without pressing the PTT key.
  • ➤ GREAT HARDWARE: Xiegu X5105 is equipped with a 3.6 inch large LCD screen and built-in 3800mAh large capacity battery pack. Besides, it also comes with a trestle for desktop operation.
  • ➤ IF OUTPUT: With IF signal output (1 IF: 70.455MHz, 2 IF: 10.695MHz, 3 IF 455kHz (FM)). Built in ATU; Built in AF-DSP digital noise reduction processor.
  • ➤ PORTABLE SIZE: Very small in size and ultra portable (6.3*3.9*1.8in) with an original speaker mic, convenient to carry. Please make sure your antenna compatible with the machine.
  • ➤ We provide a 1-year warranty on the Xiegu X5105. As usual, if you modify the radio's hardware, the warranty is void. (Note:Please avoid a continuously use of the machine for more than 2 hours in case that being overheated. )

This Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver is a well-made radio that’s a great addition to your radio collection or even your first ham radio. This full-featured transceiver offers wide coverage with five operating modes. It allows direct point-to-point communication, with comprehensive digital voice modes: AX.25 data mode; WSPR, AM and FM contest modes; FSK and digital calling modes.

This is a New Improved version of our original Uv4AT (also known as PE4AT) – Improved for the USRP FPGA and with the same excellent quality, safety and performance standards. Unique features are included in this package, giving tremendous flexibility in operation. The Xue Qiu QRP and Mega-DX is a compact, mobile, dual-band transceiver, built around a compact and lightweight PCM-T15E2 processor.

This Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver is an excellent little radio for those who are looking for a short range HF radio that is small and compact but still offers a wide range of features that are not usually found in compact HF radios. The Xiegu X5105 is a compact, lightweight transceiver that includes a built-in microphone. The integrated speaker lets you play music without headphones.


  • High powerful
  • Low cost
  • Especially design 


  • Old upgraded firmware

Xiegu XPA125B HF Power Amplifier 100W 

I used the XPA125B for two weeks, for two to three-hour sessions per day, when working WSPR with the old Dish 20m antenna. The XPA125B is designed to supply up to 100 Watts. This little amplifier performs well in the power department, with a very respectable output power.

This is a new improved version of Xiegu receiver with a slimmer and smaller size. Input power is 100W, so the output power can be as high as 2.5W. This is the new and improved version of our Xiegu HF Amplifier. It has a compact and compact size, very portable to carry in your handbag or lunch box. New improved version of Xiegu XPA125B with G1M, fits in small spaces and is more portable with the hand strap.

Frequency range: 1.8-30MHz & 50-54MHz. Works with QRP & HF transceivers, such as Xiegu X5105, G90, G1M & X108G transceivers. This amplifier is based on our XT912B but with some improvements.


  • An excellent amplifier capable of transmitting at 10 watts, with an excellent range. 
  • It is a very well-built radio that is priced very affordably.

Cons: N/A

Yaesu Original FTM-300DR FTM-300 FTM300 50W

Yaesu Original FTM-300DR FTM-300 FTM300 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver
  • 50 Watt Advasnced Digital Fusion and Analog Amateur Dual Band Radio!
  • Color 2in High Res TFT Display!
  • Built In BlueTooth Module and 66ch GPS Receiver!
  • Remote Mountable Faceplate!

The Yaesu FTM-300DR is the next step up from the fantastic FTM-100DR. The FTM-300DR will transmit and receive both Fm and Dmr signals and has a built – in bluetooth remote. This dual band digital mobile is supplied with a micro programmable control head, but it is fully compatible with the Kenwood TMU-300D.

This FTM-300 is the perfect all-around mobile rig, which can be used with a compact and affordable external speaker, or operate with its integrated speaker, or with a dual antenna/speaker system. This real dual band mobile radio is a powerful addition to your multi-band mobile radio. The FTM-300DR comes with a leather strap, making it comfortable to wear while receiving and transmitting on different frequencies.


  • Built-in Bluetooth and DTMF microphone.
  • Have CD quality audio


  • High cost 

Kenwood Original TM-V71A 144/440 MHz

Kenwood Original TM-V71A 144/440 MHz Dual-Band Amateur Mobile Transceiver, 50 Watts, 1000 Memory, EchoLink Sysop-Mode Operation, True Dual Receive
  • High RF Power Output (50W) 1,000 Multifunction Memory Channels
  • Dual Receive on Same Band (VxV, UxU) EchoLink MEMORY (Automatic Dialer)
  • EchoLink Sysop Mode For Node Terminal Operation Multiple Scan Invertible Front Panel
  • Choice of 2 Backlight Colors (AMBER/GREEN) For The LCD Panel
  • 104-Code Digital Code Squelch "FIVE-IN-ONE" Programmable Memory

This full featured scanner has a lot of features including the 50 Watts of RF power, 1,000 memory channels, and the digital code squelch. The KENWOOD Original TM-V71A represents the culmination of Kenwood’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

I would recommend this mobile transceiver to anyone who wants a quality and extremely useful piece of equipment. It is very easy to program and has excellent RFI performance. It has proven to be useful in my amateur radio career. This is a popular item for ham radio enthusiasts, it has incredible features and is very user friendly.

I was very impressed with this transmitter. The control options are great, and it has more options than I’m used to seeing in other transmitters. The programming interface is easy to use and clear. The sound quality is very good.


  • 50 Watts of RF power
  • 1,000 memory channels
  • The digital code squelch

Cons: none

Xiegu G90 HF Radio 20W 

Xiegu G90 HF Radio 20W SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz, Plus 60 Meters with Free BridgeCom University Course and Built in Antenna Tuner
  • Affordable HF, The Xiegu G90 gives you HF contact making capability at a fraction of the cost of other similar rigs.
  • Up to 20w of transmitting power on frequency Ranges of 0.5-30MHz, plus 60 meters SSB/CW/AM; Full HF capability.
  • FREE BridgeCom University Course ($97 Value) Included setup and user course to get you, on the air, step by step, in minutes.
  • 1.8 inch Bright and colorful waterfall display that is easy to see and read, so you don't have to strain to see what you are doing.
  • Built in antenna tuner so you save money and can make contacts easier and with less hassle.

This product is a great deal for someone who wants to get into low bands. This radio is incredibly easy to use. It is visually very clean. There are many features, but there is a 5 hour quick start course that walks you through the features.

This HF radio is perfect for ham radio enthusiasts! It’s very easy to use and has a simple learning curve. This radio allows up to 20W of transmitting power on frequency. It has a touch-screen display and great signal stability. This 20-watt SSB/CW/AM/FM rig has an on-board 6-element Yagi antenna and power/battery provisions for easy field operation. Includes a built-in transformer for easy AC power connections.

This Packet radio is flexible to cater for users with different needs and their existing Laptops/Tablets/Smartphones and even tablets are compatible with it and you don’t need to purchase additional adapters to get connected to the radio. Xiegu G90 HF radio, plus 60 meters with Free BridgeCom University Course and built in antenna tuner plus Antenna connects 1.8 inch + xr external antenna in included box antenna works great with CB radios, scanners, tracking devices and more.


  • Has touchscreen 
  • Inexpensive


  • It is heavy

Retevis RT97 GMRS Mobile Radio Long Range

Retevis RT97 GMRS Mobile Base Station,Full Duplex Portable Radio Relay Station with LCD Screen,High Power Mini Compact Base Station for Camping(1 Pack)
  • The radio relay is GMRS frequency, please tell us before if you need customized frequency version
  • The RT97 GMRS portable radio is easy to carry and support multiple power options;wide signal coverage and strong penetration
  • Easy to install and operate;mobile base station can be operated flexibly as fixed or mobile
  • The built-in duplexer can receive and transmit signals at the same time; you just need to match one antenna to transfer the signal of the walkie talkies; this package does not include an antenna
  • With 16 channels;8 of them are default GMRS channels that have been set; it can compatible with RT76;RT76P;RB26 and many other retevis models

We are a Research and Development team, we design and manufacture computer accessories products. The feature of this personal radio is: Channel 16 can be used to communicate with up to 16 people or groups at the same time And each speaker can be set to a different channel for privacy.

I decided to add this product to the site because we are huge fans of the Retevis brand and the RT97 radio is one of the most popular models. This particular RT97 GMRS radio is designed for the new generation of GMRS radios. This Retevis RT97 GMRS radio is a great addition to any prepper’s bug out bag.

The RT97 GMRS Portable Radio supports the RT76;RT76P;RB26 or RT26P or can be teamed with 2-Way Radios. The RT97 supports high quality 2-Way Radios. This mobile base features big buttons that are easy to operate.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Specially designed


  • Do not have strong signal

Icom ID-4100A VHF/UHF Dual Band

The Icom ID-4100A is a versatile mobile, dual band transceiver that serves as a base station and allows remote control via D-Star and control or remote monitor from a companion station using the Icom 4100A remote control or Icom 4100G handheld. A new version of Kenzo’s popular emergency radio.

This new dual band mobile lets you get up-to-date information on weather, road conditions, and traffic, while also expanding your communications abilities to include encrypted Voice over IP. This dual band handheld allows you to use both VHF (FM) and UHF (PCS/P25) bands simultaneously.

This Icom transceiver can be used for both ham radio and the D-Star outdoor radio system. It has the ability to pick up D-Star signals at distances of up to 4km, and the system includes automatic channel selection from your remote control.


  • Using both Android and iOS
  • Low cost 

Cons: N/A

AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus – Dual Band Analog

AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus - Dual Band Analog/DMR - Bluetooth PTT - APRS RX & TX - Free $97 Training Course
  • The New AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS Has APRS Receive and Transmit, so now you can receive other users APRS Transmissions
  • Upgraded 500,000 Contact List instead of 200,000 on previous models so you can grow with the DMR community.
  • FREE AT-D878 course included on BridgeCom University with step-by-step video tutorials to get you on DMR and making contacts fast ($97 value).
  • Dual band UHF/VHF radio on DMR and analog so you can have one radio for anything on the tech bands.
  • Up to 7w of high power transmitting so you can have maximum range using your HT.

878 UVII PLUS is the world’s first and only dual band Analog/DMR radio with Bluetooth PTT, giving you freedom to communicate using a Bluetooth headset, Motorola radio headset, or radio headset with Bluetooth connectivity. This dual band digital radio offers an amazing value for what you’re getting. I was very surprised at how inexpensive this radio is, and the price does not include the membership to BridgeCom University.

I think that is a great product. I went to the website and it has a lot of videos and tips to go along with this radio. It takes some study but once you get the hang of things you will learn how to use this radio.

The D878UVII Plus package includes: (1) D878 Dual band UHF/VHF radio. This radio has great range and does both UHF and VHF. This Anytone radio is very good, but it is on the light side.


  • Easy to use 
  • Clear squelch


  • Just local network

President Lincoln II Plus 

President Lincoln II Plus Ham Radio, Rotary Switch, Up/Down Channel Selector, VFO Mode, RF Power, S-meter, Multi-functions LCD Display, 6 Memories, Vox Function, Beep Function, AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW Modes
  • Same as LINCOLN II but 12 meter band added, key "CH19/9" replaced by "Emergency Channel 1 and 2" programmable by user; HF output power 35W PEP SSB instead of 31W PEP SSB, 35W FM instead of 28W; AM is same 12W RMS 48WPEP.
  • Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector; Volume adjustment and ON/OFF; Manual squelch and ASC; RF Power; MENU function key; Dim; Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW.
  • VFO Mode w/ continuous scanning; Multi-functions LCD display; Frequencies display; S-meter; Channels and memories scan; 6 Memories; CTCSS (38 tones); DCS (104 codes).
  • Public Address; Vox function (hands-free); ANL filter, NB and HI-CUT; RF Gain / Mic gain; Clarifier; Roger Beep; Front microphone plug; External loudspeaker jack.
  • Dual watch; Key locking; SWR (Power Reading/SWR); Preset emergency (EMG 1/2); TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable.

WOW! This is a great radio for almost all of the hobbies out there such as Ham Radio, Marine Radio, Helicopter Radio and most other ham use of course. First off, I have to say that people are often intimidated by the price. Another set of upgraded products from the LINCOLN II or Anytone Series. The D878UI is a very nice looking unit that incorporates several nice features over the LINCOLN III, but it is also fully compatible with the LINCOLN II.

The AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS is a dual band, digital trunking mobile, scanner and ptt radio. The AT-D878UVII is light-weight, rugged and portable. The built-in speaker gives you crystal clear audio on the road. The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus is an analog dual band (700 – 2700 MHz) digital trunking radio with DMR compatibility (PMR446). It is also Bluetooth enabled. This radio offers a full complement of radio functions and features.


  • Very smooth, easy to use
  • Frequency selection is through a rotary switch
  • Up/down channel selector, volume adjustment.


  • Noise limiter noise blanker

Cheap Hf Transceiver Benefits

Cheap Hf Transceiver

An HF transceiver is a great way to stay connected with friends and family all over the world. They are also a great way to stay up-to-date on current events. Here are some advantages to owning an HF Transceiver: You will receive regular QSL cards and pictures of other hams out there in the world! This is a great way to stay connected. If you have a station, chances are someone you send QSL cards to will also have a station. So, you may learn a lot about a certain country or country just by QSLing with that person. HF is a great way to learn a new language.

A lot of times they will be a different band, but this is still a great way to stay connected with other hams. I think this is a good opportunity to introduce kids to ham radio by this video

When I was younger, there were no cell phones. Now they are free! If someone wants to talk with me, they just call me. But if they want to communicate with someone in another part of the world, then they have to have something more than just a cell phone.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cheap Hf Transceiver

HF transceivers can be a lot of fun, but they can also be frustrating if you don’t know how to get the most out of them. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your HF transceiver:

  1. Make sure you understand the features of your transceiver and how to use them.
  2. Get to know the bands and what you can expect to find on them.
  3. Learn how to use the tuning controls .
  4. Use the right band for the signal you are working on. For example, don’t work a phone signal with CW.
  5. Adjust your transmit power level for good copy and no interference to others.
  6. Be sure to identify correctly.
  7. Use digital modes that have characteristics that make it easier to copy them under difficult band conditions.
  8. If there is interference from nearby signals, try switching to another band or another mode.
  9. Try moving to a new location if you are having problems with nearby signals.
  10. Try working modes that have different characteristics under certain conditions, like SSB or PSK31 for example.
Cheap Hf Transceiver

HF transceivers are a great way to stay in touch with people all over the world, but they need to be properly maintained in order to work correctly. In order to maintain your HF transceiver, you should first make sure that all of the cables are properly connected and that all of the settings are correct. With all of the cables properly connected, and all of the adjustments set correctly, your transceiver should be operating at peak performance.

  1. Use a proper power supply with a diode or some type of protection, like a PPO.
  2. Unplug any external antennas, such as the external speaker or cables. Make sure that you do not have a mic stand or anything else in the way of your antenna.
  3. Unplug any computer and television cables.
  4. If possible, turn off the PC and TV and do not run these devices until you are ready to use your transceiver.

FAQs about Cheap Hf Transceiver

What’s an affordable ham radio for beginners?

If you’re looking for an entry-level ham radio, chances are you want to know if it’s worth your money. So, first and foremost, I would like to say it is never worth your money to get a cheap ham radio.

What is the best antenna analyzer?

An antenna analyzer should be part of every ham’s equipment. I personally use a MFJ 259B and find it very useful. There are several computer based software packages available that can help you design your own antenna system. The most popular is EZNEC. It is free, but requires a license to run. Macromedia’s Free Antenna Tool is also popular with hams.

What’s the best HF ham radio for beginners?

There are several choices when it comes to HF equipment. You’ll find HF and HF/VHF ham radios, UHF/VHF handhelds, mobile rigs, base stations, and more. Every ham radio operator is different, and every ham radio operator has different needs.

Cheap Hf Transceiver

What is the best first ham radio?

The type of first ham radio that you choose to buy depends on the operator. An HF/VHF or mobile HF rig is probably the most popular choice, since they are more mobile and cover more bands than an HF station.

How do I find an inexpensive Ham Radio?

The best and most inexpensive Ham Radio is the one that you can operate without a license, no matter how many signals. The problem with the Super Dual-Band is that it only covers 7. This radio offers a full featured dual band transceiver in a small, lightweight package and at an affordable price.


A cheap Hf transceiver can be a great way to get into Ham Radio without spending a lot of money. They can be found for around $100 or less, and they provide a lot of functionality for the price. Icom IC-705 is the good choice because it has more clear manual and thick for people use

While they may not have all of the features of more expensive transceivers, they are a great way to get started in the hobby. As you learn more about radio, you can upgrade to more expensive equipment as your budget allows. This post contains affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission if you purchase through those links at no additional cost to you.

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