Sat, 10/1
Austin, TX - 8:30AM
Texas Teen Book Festival
St. Edwards University
3001 S Congress Ave
8:30 – 10 AM:
Booksigning Only
10:15 – 11:15 AM:
In Conversation with along with audience Q&A
Sun, 10/2
New York, NY - 5PM
Barnes & Noble, Tribeca
97 Warren Street
Signing Only, Limited # of wristbands to be given out
He actually does this. @ikebarinholtz I don’t know how you continue your personal and professional relationship with him
Who will you BCC today? 👩🏾‍💻 (@lianafinck)
A dear friend just busted me because I said that show “You” was great and Trader Joe’s has terrific frozen foods and he said I was stealing his takes. I need some new takes!
This thread is giving me life
Can you guess which one I am on the Masked Singer?
I love the one where all the parasites are living in the house and implanting memories so they seem like trusted friends, and one them was a Mr. Belvedere style butler who went to a school dance with Morty. #rickandmorty
I am late to this but Rick & Morty is truly wonderful, I completely identify with Rick Sanchez, down to the little green bile on my chin, I am a monster
@ your friends who still have their Christmas decorations up