Things I Bought That I Love: Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Lacoste Polo

Maybe it’s very Margot Tenenbaum of me, but I love little polo tshirts.

My ideal style of dressing is 80’s aerobics coach meets Maasai tribeswoman, so a really prim, preppy look is not something I do too often. But just as I would wear a House of Harlow headdress jewelry piece to work to see if I could pull it off, I also like to rock a preppy look now and again.

At work, I’ve been told over and over again by various (male) writers that their favorite way a girl dresses is in a plaid button down and tight dark jeans. I obviously get why guys like this: it shows you’re not trying too hard (instant turn-off) and that you’re conceivably a girl who could have grown up across the street form them (instant boner).

I was in Jonathan Adler on Melrose two weeks ago because I had people coming over for dinner and I wanted to get new decorative pillows for my sofa. I love Jonathan Adler. It’s cheeky and colorful and chic, and the furniture equivalent of having a great gossipy conversation with my gay best friend.

I needed new sofa pillows because my current pillows were threadbare and the tiniest bit greasy from hours of my hair and body laying on them watching Academy screeners. Whatever, a small price to pay for seeing War Horse in the comfort of my living room. I ended up buying these pillows:

Yeah, it spells love. Yeah, I’m a fan of love. You want to give me shit for publicizing my love of love. Fine, go ahead, mean fascist.

And as I was checking out, I spotted these special edition polo shirts perched on the corner of the store. I’ve always loved the Lacoste alligator icon, because it is a technically vicious creature that Lacoste has made cute. It’s one of the only “branded” things I don’t feel like a walking ad wearing around. What I loved especially about these ones were:
a) the alligator was enlarged and extra statement-y,
b) the shirt is slim fitted and curve-accentuating, and
c) Jonathan Adler gives you a free tiny alligator pillow if you buy a shirt.

Kind of amazing, right? They have them for guys and girls.



Things I Bought that I Love: Lamps Plus Modified Chandelier

There are many times when my tastes do not match my lifestyle.

Here are some examples. I love insane clutches, like this Alexander McQueen one.

But I don’t have this cool Paz de la Huerta life where I’m alternately getting whisked off on private jets to red carpet affairs, or using my purse as a weapon in a street fight against rival models. For Paz, it would make sense. I only use tote bags. Another example is that I love heart shaped baking pans, but I don’t cook or bake really (and am even less likely to do it on Valentines Day).

The most longing I’ve had for something that doesn’t work with my lifestyle are chandeliers. I freaking love chandeliers. They’re so dramatic and feminine, and buying one is like looking for a dope necklace for your ceiling.

They can also be frightening.

Look at this insane one made of bones and skulls in Sedlec Ossuary!

(photo credit Chmouel Boudjnah)

Here are some gorgeous (and far less scary) ones I found online.

I would live in a house with chandeliers, in like, my shed if I could afford it. It would be nuts. I figure, it’s best to live your life and decorate your house such as if you ever become mega famous and died, people would have a lot of fun touring your crazy house. It would be like if you went to Edgar Allen Poe’s home and he had bookshelf with a secret lever that opened and led to a spooky staircase down to a dungeon.

Unfortunately for my chandelier-loving lifestyle, I have a cute little Spanish style house in LA, and not some crazy Jessica Lange plantation where I’m descending stairs slowly all day long. To solve the problem, I purchased a modified pendant version of one for my bedroom from my reliable pals at Lamps Plus. It’s the Silver and Gold Foil 18″ Wide Ceiling Light Fixture. This is what it looks like online.

And here’s a terrible photo of it with my camera phone while I’m lying in bed.

It’s gorgeous. I am so happy I have it. Every morning when I wake up, I feel like a tortured opera singer, in the very best way. And it gives dazzling bright light, and was under $300.